Social Media Apps as a Tool for Procedural Learning During COVID-19: Analysis of Tiktok Users

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Bachar Kahil , Buthina Alobidyeen

Pages: 81 – 95

Published: Dec 23, 2021


The objective of this study is to investigate the factors that influence the use of social media apps as a procedural learning tool during COVID-19. The primary aim of this research is to assess the impacts of content quality, task technology fit, vividness, and anxiety on perceived usefulness, and the impact of PEOU on and PU desire to use for procedural learning. Data was collected through an online questionnaire from 313 Tiktok users. The findings revealed that content quality, task technology fit, and vividness have a significant influence on overall effectiveness. The results also indicated that PEOU and PU have a strongly favourable effect on the purpose to use for procedural learning. The structural equation modeling result revealed that all of the hypotheses were supported.

Keywords: Procedural learning Technology acceptance model Tiktok Perceived ease of use Content quality Perceived usefulness Anxiety Task Technology Fit