Intention to Purchase Smart LED Lights from Alibaba Stores

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Bachar Kahil

Pages: 87 – 104

Published: Dec 20, 2022


Based on the customer value theory, this research aims to learn why people in the Baltic European countries are interested in purchasing smart LED lights from online retailers such as Alibaba and AliExpress. The relationship between price utility, function utility, self-image, aesthetics, playfulness, and intention to purchase smart LED lights from Alibaba and AliExpress in the Baltic European states was studied using an online questionnaire with 322 participants. According to structural equation modeling (SEM), pricing utility benefits employees' happiness in their jobs. Established theoretical frameworks like the customer value theory support these novel conclusions. They provide workers and practitioners with fresh perspectives on strategically elevating aesthetics and playfulness. Our findings indicate that consumers' sense of social identity and sense of humor plays a significant role in determining what they prioritize when making purchases. Several substantial policy suggestions, requests for further research, and potential theoretical and practical implications are made.

Keywords: Self-image Function Utility Price Utility Smart LED Lights Playfulness