Privacy Statement

Journal of Digitovation and Information Systems (JDIIS) esteems your privacy and pledges the safety of your content at any expenditure. The knowledge postulated to us is only used for distributing the incessant and expedient internet services to the readers and users of that information. We auxiliary take service from it for rocketing our facilities and nourishing our readers to the maximum level in all circumstances.

Private Data Consumption

Personal and private individual data is the responsibility of the editorial team and journal management for protection. This data may also be used only for certain objectives such as information about some scholarly promotions for readers and users, disseminate key updates and important communication with them, and administering the dashboards and accounts in the system. The journal administration also secures and preserve the email data of the authors, visitors and users to share the latest issues, newsletters, updates with them. In case any of the targeted email subscribers feel uncomfortable with our information updates may request the journal team to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

The journals administration and editorial teams strictly assure the users and subscribers that any retained personal information will never be shared, sold, rented or loaned for any kind of commercial objectives. The conditions for which the data is obtained the management ensures that those conditions will be respected in all cases. Strict check and balance measures will be established to ensure the protection of your personal information from all kinds of misuse, unauthorized access, undesired amendments with the passage of time. Only approved and authorized individuals will have access to sensitive personal information under closed monitoring and observation.

In technical jargon, the browser of the website user collects and saves some data chunks from host websites while browsing and it is called cookies. The usage tracking of users is done through these cookies and it also helps to improve the user’s interaction and experience smooth and effective while using the host website. The cookies are used to collect information about users, their preferences, and their choices of interests. It is ensured that personal data will never be used to store cookies.