Dilemma of Generation Z: Exploring the Interplay of Addiction to Online Gaming and Compulsive Buying

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Buthina Alobidyeen

Pages: 156 – 170

Published: Nov 20, 2023


Recent studies highlight the growing addiction to smartphone usage, particularly among young individuals, impacting social lives and overall well-being. This phenomenon raises concerns about its potential correlation with compulsive buying behavior. Focusing on a limited sample of online gamers from Asia and the Middle East, this study explores Generation Z's conundrum involving addiction to online gaming and compulsive buying. Employing a cross-sectional, quantitative design, the research utilizes smart PLS for analysis. Specifically, it explores the interplay between online game addiction, impulsive spending patterns, and the influence of mood management and flow induced by gaming experiences. The findings contribute valuable insights into the addiction among Generation Z, specifically in the context of online gaming and compulsive shopping. However, the study's limitations, including a small sample size and a narrow focus on participants from Asia and the Middle East, warrant caution in generalizing the results. To address this, future research should aim for larger and more diverse sample sizes, incorporate longitudinal designs, integrate qualitative methodologies, and examine technology's evolving impact. Recognizing the challenges of online gaming addiction and compulsive shopping among Generation Z, stakeholders are urged to develop tailored interventions and policies. Bridging these knowledge gaps and expanding our understanding of these issues will be crucial in crafting effective strategies to address the dilemmas faced by Generation Z. This study emphasizes the need for ongoing research efforts to inform comprehensive interventions and policies that advance the well-being of Generation Z and future generations.

Keywords: Generation Z Compulsive Buying Online Gaming Addiction Mood Regulation Flow Self-Determination Theory