Digital Knowledge and Innovativeness: Catalysts for Digital Entrepreneurship Success in Taiwan Architecture and Interior Design Industries

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Hung-xin Li

Pages: 01 – 15

Published: Jun 19, 2023


This study examines the relationship between digital knowledge, innovativeness, and digital entrepreneurship success among entrepreneurs in Taiwan's architecture and interior design industries. The study’s objectives are to develop a resource-based and dynamic capability theory, assess the effectiveness of digital entrepreneurship, and investigate Taiwanese entrepreneurs in the specified sectors. An online survey was conducted with 218 entrepreneurs of architecture and interior design firms in Taiwan. Structural equation modeling (SEM) analysis revealed that a focus on digitalization positively influences innovativeness. Furthermore, the study found significant associations between digital capability, digital orientation, digital literacy, and the success of digital entrepreneurs. The findings emphasize the importance of continuous learning and strategic planning in online business entrepreneurship. Theoretical insights from the study contribute to a deeper understanding of innovativeness in the architecture and interior design industries. Future research can explore various forms of innovativeness to support entrepreneurial success. The study concludes with important implications for policy, recommendations for further research, and practical implications for entrepreneurs in the field.

Keywords: Digital Knowledge Innovativeness Digital Entrepreneurship Success Design Industries