Examining Green HR Practices and Innovative Work Behaviors: A Moderated Mediation Model in Hungarian Automotive Enterprises

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Akhlaq Ahmad

Pages: 250 – 265

Published: Oct 18, 2023


This study investigates the prevalence of the ability-motivation-opportunity (AMO) theory, creative work practices, a moderated mediation model of green innovation, organizational support, and green human resource practices in Hungarian automotive enterprises. Data collection involved a questionnaire and a sample of 320 managers from diverse automotive companies surveyed using a quantitative research approach. The results indicate the prominence of these variables within the Hungarian automotive industry, emphasizing the pivotal role of integrating green innovation, organizational support, and Green HR practices to cultivate a culture of sustainability and innovation. Nevertheless, the study acknowledges limitations, such as its cross-sectional design, use of self-report measures, and limited generalizability. To address these constraints, future research could employ longitudinal designs, larger sample sizes, and a mixed-methods approach to scrutinize relationships further and explore additional variables.

Keywords: Ability-Motivation-Opportunity Theory Creative Work Practices Green Innovation Organizational Support Green Human Resource Practices Hungarian Automotive Enterprises