Exploring Digital Leadership, Technology Integration, and Teacher Task Performance in Higher Education Institutions: A Moderated-Mediation Study

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Saqib Mehmood

Pages: 141 – 155

Published: Jun 15, 2023


This study investigates digital leadership and teacher task performance in Pakistani higher education institutions, employing the planned behavior theory and a moderated-mediation model of technology integration, digital literacy, and digital engagement. A cross-sectional field survey was conducted, involving 390 teachers from diverse backgrounds employed by higher education institutes in Pakistan. Structural equation modeling (SEM) analysis revealed that perceived digital leadership positively influenced teachers' technological integration. The results further demonstrated the relationship between teachers' digital literacy, their use of technology as a moderator, their perception of digital leadership, task performance, and online engagement. Instructors' effective utilization of available media and technologies to achieve educational objectives emerges as a crucial factor. Future research should delve deeper into understanding the causes and effects of technology integration to address the complexities surrounding teachers' digital engagement.

Keywords: Perceived Digital Leadership Digital Engagement Digital Literacy Technology Integration Task Performance