Antecedents of Human Resource Information System Adoption: A Qualitative Study in French Context

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Mohamed Nassim Bensaid

Pages: 16 – 31

Published: Jun 30, 2023


This study delves into the facilitators of effective Human Resource Information System (HRIS) adoption, emphasizing vital elements while investigating the role of technological, organizational, and social factors in the adoption process. The research employs a qualitative approach, amalgamating in-depth interviews and surveys with HR professionals and employees of a company specializing in electrical and digital building infrastructures. The study identifies pervasive patterns and themes about adoption antecedents through thematic analysis of collected data. The findings underscore the critical importance of these factors in fostering the successful integration of an HRIS. Comprehensive training initiatives that empower employees to navigate the new system confidently emerge as indispensable. Moreover, sustained support and guidance from HR experts and management assume a pivotal role in surmounting challenges, addressing concerns, and nurturing user acceptance throughout the pre-and post-implementation phases.

Keywords: Human Resources Information System Technological Factors, Social Factors Organizational Factors