Exploring Technostress in Video Medical Consultation: A Study of Private Doctors in South European Countries

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Batjar Halili

Pages: 56 – 71

Published: Jun 1, 2023


This study investigates the factors contributing to technostress in the context of video medical consultations among private doctors offering this service in south European countries. The study focuses on technical support, information availability, social support, social presence, work overload, and role ambiguity in video consultations. The conceptual framework is based on the person-environmental fit theory and theory of planned behavior. Using structural equation modeling (SEM), data from a cross-sectional field survey of 330 private doctors in southern Europe were analyzed. The results indicate that technical support has a positive impact on reducing workload and role ambiguity in video consultations. This study adds to the existing literature on technostress among private doctors in South Europe and contributes unique insights by integrating two prominent theories. The findings have important implications for administration, practitioners, and policymakers in terms of policy development and implementation. Future research should aim to include a diverse sample of doctors to enhance participation and explore the influence of various factors such as backgrounds, fellowship areas, genders, beliefs, and experience levels. The study concludes with policy recommendations, suggestions for further research, and implications for theory and practice.

Keywords: Technostress Video Medical Consultation Private Doctors South European Countries